Wednesday, November 26, 2008
The otherside
....someone once told me the grass was much greener.....On the other side. So I paid a visit and Im sure it was worth it.

So I'm moving house


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Sunday, November 23, 2008
All The Strange People
There is this film crew from Holland that I happened to run into at one of the tour camps. They had 12 contestants and were shooting a 9 part series on surviving in the jungle. So they were like mini celebs but only in Holland. Anyway Im happy to report that our jungles are indeed a force to reckon with as several contestants bailed out in the first leg of the race. Cant blame them, One was a model and had permanent make up put on so that she would always look good for the camera. For Privacy issues I will not put up any picture on this post. Most of the guys were really tall with long hair so it must be trendy again, thought it had died with old skool rock stars. Anyway the few who managed to finish the race loved the place and some are coming back over christmas for a leisure visit.

My Chogam crack

I never did breath a word in my blog about chogam, I guess I fall in that category that CB severely criticised. Anyway I heard this hillarious crack from my boss who was one of those in the line up to greet the queen. well him and many other British Nationals who are believed to be doing good work in Uganda. So this was apparently the conversation between Prince Phillip and the doctor next to my boss.

Prince Phillip: So what do you do?

Doc: I work in the prevention of HIV from mother to child

Prince Phillip: Oh, really.....Well the last time I was in Uganda, the population was 15million and now its soaring. Surely alittle HIV cant be that bad?

Doc: {{blushes after the tactless remark}}

Stephen Fry was here, dont say I didnt tell you......

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Thursday, November 20, 2008
Top 10 Rukiga swear words
So in my attempts to cope with the society I have moved into, Im learning the language. My tutor however came up with this list, couldnt stop laughing.

Top 10 Rukiga swear words

1.Kakyogenyoko -fuck your mum
2.Obyekifera -you are an oxen
3. Tumbafe -you are stupid
4.Kakanyoke -you die ( hehehehehe)
5. Ndakuswewra -Fuck you
6. Nagumagyere -you walk like a duck
7. Odyembwa -you are like a dog
8.Ori omushija kushwerera ndijo -you are gay (no offence GUG)
9.Ori kunyampa -you are a c***
10. Ori maraya -You are a prostitute

Feel free to expand the list, he might have missed out something.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Lost And Found
Here I am, swapped the city life for a more fulfilling one I hope.

Or was it the eye candy........ Mike (medical student from the US)

I stopped blogging for a while because; honestly I had nothing to write about. I was bored, nothing excited me anymore and it’s my responsibility to keep myself entertained in this short life that I have been given. So I am sorry guys but I quit my job again……. (Hard to believe huh?). Did I mention we have a short life?

I have moved on to literally greener pastures, I am part of the cast of the real life Survivor series if you may. I Live in Bwindi now, yes in the impenetrable forest with the Batwa pygmies. And I got pictures to prove it. There is no electricity, piped water, there isn’t much really. But it’s possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The rainbows are spectacular and you sometimes get to almost touch one. It’s no wonder people like Stephen Fry and Bill Gates chose this as a vacation spot. By the time I get back, my autograph book will be full. I am not here for the mountain gorillas’ coz the truth is I cannot afford to see them in my own country. It costs about $100 for nationals to get a permit. Can you believe that? So Im hoping one will show up at the edge of the forest one day for public viewing.

I do not miss Kampala one single bit, for now anyway. so for now I will just settle for fulfilling my responsibility to mankind. Come on; look at these faces…..




Congolese Refugee

My fabulous boss Paul.
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Monday, August 25, 2008
If you want to support a cause.....
“Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore but somehow ……..”
Never in my “ambitious” life did I ever imagine that when asked what I wanted to be when I grow up the answer would be,
A lay about, just chilling
And that’s exactly what I’m doing, Just chilling. Sleeping for 14 hours a day and watching TV for the rest. I’m not on leave if that’s what u are thinking, I really have discovered what I want to be in life.
And I would be fine with my decision except for that quarterly thing called rent, Geez the price we pay for freedom! So anyway I have to make rent while fulfilling my life’s dream and nobody seems to be paying me for lying about.

Things I have considered doing for rent

1. Faking a death in the family, didn’t know who to kill so I abandoned project
2. Getting myself a hajji, word has it they like kept women. The catch is I would have to consider converting to Islam and revising my dress sense.
3. I noticed my landlord is kinda sweet on me, seeing that he can’t express himself without touching me. But how do I get his wife in on this as well?????
4. Selling the fridge, if only it didn’t belong to my housemate….hmmmm
5. Creating a bloggers contribution fund. Would u guys seriously consider this??? Just imagine its as dire as say…a heart transplant or my brain has regressed.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Safe from what Oba???
Some guy calls me up at 3:00am in the morning apparently to check if he is Safe. I should know by now that not all calls after midnight are emergencies, but I just cant seem to run my phone off. Honestly safe from what???
Anyway further probing led me to realise that this guy whom I barely know by the way was just curious about my bedmates and wanted to know if there was someone else in with me last night.
I am ready to shoot someone......
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
I Hate him
I hate That he likes to Hold my hand at every opportunity, coz My treacherous heart cant let me Love him the way he deserves. I hate that he is patient, soo patient with me that everytime I crash and burn he still holds my hand. Promising that he will always be there for me. Even when that other jerk stood me up, he tried desperately to cheer me up. God, I hated him then......Why cant he just be like the rest of them??? Would I love him then........
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